Founded In 1969
Keeping Industry In Motion!

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                                                           ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON, INC.

                                                                A TRADITION OF EXCELLENT SERVICE!

State-of-the-art equipment and facility highly trained and experienced staff, the best possible service, and unequaled commitment to the customer.   All these qualities that make ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON, INC.  a leader in the electrical machinery field are those that always put you first. Founded in 1969 by Carl Venable, Electric Motor Service has remained true to the founding principles:

Constant improvement through technological and engineering advances and experience.

A demand for quality and consistency in every job.

To build long-term relationships with our customers.

To provide the service our customers need and want.

                                                      EXPERIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GO HAND IN HAND

Our commitment to you, our customer is to give the best possible service and unequaled commitment to high quality, with full in-house coil manufacturing which includes a fully computer driven CNC winding machine, to a complete machine shop led by a work force with over 20 year company veterans, Electric Motor Service has made this commitment to our customers.

                                                                 BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS

With our latest addition ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON, INC.  has installed an new 10,000 lb. lift capacity bridge crane, and well over 20,000 square feet of working area allows us to handle almost any size motor. Three dip tanks and three bake ovens allow us to process your repaired job much faster.

                                                 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS BY EXPERIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON, INC.  provides engineering solutions to your rewinding needs.  Our rewinding technicians on staff can custom tailor or redesign your electric motor winding to meet your requirements, i.e. HP change, or rpms change. If you have a question about our redesign capabilities call us!

                                                                 24-HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS-A-YEAR

DOWNTIME.  It’s a word no one in business likes to hear.  It means loss of profits, productivity and opportunities, which is why ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON, INC.  is always on call.  We mean it. Have a problem at 3:00 a.m.? Call us.  Within 5 minutes of receiving your call one of our managers is making the decisions necessary to get you back on line.  Our diagnosis will not stop at the motor, but will encompass the system.  It is the goal of ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE OF CLINTON INC.  to have you back on line as quickly as possible and to keep you that way.